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In consideration of the remarkable increase in the internationalization of the sector, the Department monitors and offers specific assistance about, among others, laws and regulations governing marketing, customs, duties and origin of goods.

Some examples:

  • Statistics of Italian imports-exports
    Detailed analysis of foreign trade flows for the sector's products and customers.

    Type: monthly report (circular letter)
    Diffusion: free to all UNAC members (for a fee to non-members)

  • Cooperation projects with China – Asia Invest (MPM/Interprise)
    Co-sponsored by the European Commission, these projects are aimed at developing market relationships with Chinese customers (footwear, leather goods and garment manufacturers). Actions: monitoring of market trends and potential by sector and geographical area, target identification, opening of an Italian liaison office on site, promotional events, organization of missions and B2B meetings.

  • Monitoring of international trade regulations (including tariff policies)
    Monitoring regulations about international trade of the relevant products for all the leading countries in the world business.

    Type: regular circular letters
    Diffusion: free to all UNAC members (not available to non-members)


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