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The Department monitors the trends of the main economic variables of the industry and relevant downstream and upstream sectors, e.g. footwear and leather goods, in the domestic and most important foreign markets. Surveys about output, raw material prices and general market outlook are regularly prepared and distributed, or carried out upon request by a member company.

  • Monitoring market trends
    Constant monitoring of Italian production, with details about results and prospective development of a single type of product or range, supply and demand markets (countries/sectors), orders, prices, district variables.

    Type: regular circular letters
    Diffusion: free to all UNAC members (not available to non-members)

  • Lineapelle Market Trends Report
    A detailed analysis of the quarterly trends of the international leather industry and related sectors: current trends and outlook of raw materials (hides and skins, plastics, etc.), mid-stream sectors (tanners, accessories/components, synthetics), manufacturers of end products (footwear, furniture, leather goods, garments, car interiors) and end consumption.

    Type: quarterly report
    Diffusion:abridged report free to Lineapelle exhibitors, full report sold per issue (20 €) or with yearly subscription (4 issues - 72 €). 50% off for partners.

  • Chinese Leather Market Trends Report
    A survey of the Chinese market trends, with a detailed analysis of customers (footwear, leather goods, furniture, garments). It includes additional information about output, turnover, foreign trade, orders, mergers/acquisitions, etc.

    Type: biannual circular letter
    Diffusion: free to all UNAC members (for a fee to non-members)

  • Footwear Sector Report – Leading World Manufacturers
    A brief description of the organization and trends of the footwear industry in the leading manufacturing countries divided by macro-areas (Europe, Americas, Asia). The study offers a presentation of industrial organization by number of workers, companies/output capacity. It also includes a historical analysis of the evolution of footwear manufacturing. For some countries, output is detailed by districts and by product type and export rates.

    Type: special issue
    Diffusion: free to all UNAC members (for a fee to non-members)


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